With Dr Ruth Westheimer!   Rickey[L] / Murray[R]

Murray Spiegel is a telecommunications speech researcher with a reputation for innovative seders. Murray has led more than 40 seders, each one different. Murray's family has transformed their house into a Bedouin tent, a jumbo jet taking the Israelites out of Egypt, and an ancient Egyptian tomb. In addition to a New York Times write-up, Murray's seders were featured on PBS. His car even carries the NJ license plate "Pesach."

Rickey[L] & Murray[R] with actor/singer Theodore Bikel

Rickey Stein is a pharmacist with life-long interests in languages, computers and Passover. He is particularly knowledgeable on the various writing systems used by the world's languages. His other interests include Jewish choral singing, Latin music and photography. More than 45 years ago he started translating the Four Questions and hasn't stopped yet.

Both authors were written up in The New York Times, in addition to many other media outlets.   See the PBS show featuring our seders.

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