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Our most popular "Passover Prep" programs:
300 Ways to Enhance Your Seder: Make an Unforgettable Seder:     Lavishly illustrated, wide variety of seder topics history, origins of customs, novel approaches.  How to generate both fun and scholarship at your seder with creative and educational themed seders.  Ideas for interesting discussions, activities and multi-cultural elements.  Fascinating account of a life-long project with people around the globe; audio of every language of Jewish heritage; authentic Passover chants from Jews around the world.  Acclaimed by all audiences.
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Children's Program:     A combination of topics, keyed to school children.  Multimedia program with interactive activities ("signing" Ma Nistana in Israeli Navy's Semaphore, learning importance of Hebrew Morse Code in Israel's Independence), plus: role and history of the Four Questions; Jews around the world chanting Ma Nishtana; dying languages and the revival of Modern Hebrew.  Copious examples of recitations in languages from around the world.  Recommended for 3rd-to-7th grades.
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