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A Passover Prep workshop unlike any other! Learn from the experts: the author's dozens of innovative Seders were featured in the New York Times and PBS. Experience infectious enthusiasm and learn how to make your next Seder the most fun and interesting it's ever been. A fascinating, humorous and educational multimedia presentation, from the creators of the acclaimed multicultural '300 Ways to Ask The Four Questions,' covers a wide variety of topics: the history of the Seder, origins of its customs, creative and educational ways to use the Four Questions, novel approaches and different themes with discussion topics for your Seder. A lively, interactive program - both scholarly and fun.

Share with others you know in the area. This workshop helps everyone make an unforgettable Seder.

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Book Reviews   Some review excerpts and downloads you can use.
Please mention, as these reviews do, where the book is available: the WhyIsThisNight.com website or primarily Jewish book stores.

Rabbi Jack Moline / Alexandria, VA   [215 words]
"Almost Too Much Fun!   If the task of telling of the Exodus is to view ourselves in every generation as if we came out of Egypt, this absolutely wonderful book enhances the ... experience by making us imagine the many destinations that Exodus did or might produce ... If the haggadah is a time trip, authors Spiegel and Stein are our world-wide travel agents."
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Washington [DC] Jewish Week   [184 words]
"Your family's got the Four Questions down pat ... How about a challenge this year? As in asking the questions in Latin or Thai or Norwegian. How about Zulu, Tulu or Judeo-Iraqi? ... Our favorite is Lawyerese:   'Why is this night, defined as that period of time commencing at sundown according to readily established almanac norms ...'   Imagine teaching that to your 3-year-old!"
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The Jewish Voice (Wilmington, DE)   [350 words]
"Nu? Nothing changes you say? Why not make your seder a little different ... Even if you don't intend to make your seder as different as we plan to, the colorful illustrations, facts, and two companion disks of this book make for enjoyable reading and listening. It will expand your understanding of Jewish communities and customs of the far corners of the Diaspora that many have never heard of."
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