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Adult program arrangements

Below are suggested arrangements for our programs. More is involved because it is a multimedia presentation. Let me know if anything poses a problem. [You might want to print this out for your reference later.] Contact us with any questions/issues at Info@WhyIsThisNight.com

Question - 1: Re your location:   Please confirm your exact address.   Is there anything we should know about parking?   About the best entrance [without many stairs?!] to bring in our equipment?

Question - 2: We usually arrive an hour earlier than the presentation time, as there is much to set up.
Will someone be there at that time (to open building, show us where the room is, etc)?   What room are we in?
Please tell us a contact # for someone we can call if last-minute problems arise.

Question - 3: Does your office or treasurer require our SSN number or W9 (for IRS tax purposes)?   Do you require an invoice for the presentation?

Question - 4: Does your facility have all the tables and equipment mentioned below (shown in purple)?

For promoting the session, we suggest asking the local papers (Jewish and non-) to post a little note. We can send a brief overview if you want to use it, or you can create your own. Also, you may use our sample fliers for suggestions for your own community.

The day of the presentation, post a sign at your entrance showing where it is. People have come for our programs and couldn't find where it was.

— For Shabbat talks we need a sturdy easel to support the flip chart that the presentation uses. (If we discussed congregation lists and sticky dots, please have those ready, along with a book table.)

— We'll need a laptop projector (often called an LCD projector) for our laptop. We have one if you don't, but it's bulky - we'd prefer not to lug it there. Do let me know. (In case it matters, the laptop is Windows, not Mac.)

NOTE: We use our own laptop, and we bring our own sound equipment. You will not have to provide any laptop or connections for sound; I have a very loud and clear voice and do not use microphones, etc.

— We will need an extension cord to plug in our equipment, near the presentor's location [below].

— We'll need a screen (or a light-colored wall).

— We'll also need a total of 4 small tables:

(1+2) two small tables or music stands – two adjustable music stands or "high top" tables actually work best – one can be a lectern, but it's not necessary (for our laptop, notes and paraphernalia); (3) one long table (for our books), and (4) a small table or cart for your LCD projector. It should be placed about 10-20 feet from a screen or blank wall to display on.

The music stand/table/lectern where we speak can't be more than 20 feet from the projector - we connect a cable between our laptop and the projector.

As the program uses a projector, it'd be most helpful if the room can be SEMI-darkened. The images won't be easily seen if it's too light; too dark, people might snooze :)

To help visualize, here's a suggested layout:

             screen or white wall
  sm tables/"high tops" ^  
  or lectern |__||__|   | 10-20'      ____
for our laptop+mat'ls   |            |    |
  (2 music stands      _|_           |    | 
    are BEST!)        |   |          |    |    Long table
                      |___|          |    | (or 2 card tables)
                    projector        |    |
                (cart or sm table)   |____|
             ^^ ^^  ^^  ^^  ^^ ^^     books *
             ^^ Chairs in rows ^^ 
               as close to front 
                as practicable
* Can put this anywhere: near front, either side, etc

Children's program arrangements

As mentioned above, because this is a multimedia presentation, more arragements are required. Please note items above: the need for LCD/Laptop projector, tables and outlets, and (only) a partially‑darkened room.

— If you have scheduled our longer childrens program, for one of the interactive activities, the children will each need one pencil. There's no need to sit them at desks – in fact, we prefer that they do not, they should be close to me. The amount of writing they do is minimal.

— While SmartBoards are nice, our presentation cannot plug into them – one program we use will not be on the Board's computer.   Instead, we will run the presentation from our laptop.   Also, we cannot use a computer you provide - again, because we use a specialized program.   (The projector can display onto a SmartBoard, but the Board's electronics cannot be used.)

Here's a suggested layout for children's programs:

             screen or white wall
  sm tables/"high tops" ^             ____
  or lectern |__||__|   | 10-20'     |    | Small table
for our laptop+mat'ls   |            |____| for materials
  (2 music stands      _|_           
    are BEST!)        |   |          
         __ __ __ __  |___|   __ __ __ __ Children's chairs
         __ __ __   projector __ __ __ __ as close to front
         __ __ __   (cart or  __ __ __ __ as is practical
         __ __ __   sm chair) __ __ __ __ 
         __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 
         __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Thank you for handling all the arrangements!

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