Errors we've found  :(
(in Second Plus Edition - aka 3rd printing)

NOTE: If you have the second edition (copyright 2010), see the second edition's oops page.

Page 21 - Fir Kashes vs Qushiyot side box: A typesetting error left an unprintable character after the Hebrew Qushiyot in the square brackets.

Page 36 - Samaritan: Some quibble our statement that "Samaritan practice resembles Judaism" should instead describe it as another form of Judaism.

Page 26 - Suggestions for use: Coptic and Sahidic Aramaic have no connection to Kurdish.

Page 56 - Introduction: Some might interpret "Number of Speakers" paragraph as implying deaf, blind, mute people lack intellectual capacity. In many cases, their lack of language skills is due to being deprived of accessible education; when provided, they do as well as anyone else.

Page 60 - Yucatán Maya: The language name was misspelled in the title. It should be Yucatán Maya.

Page 74 - Turkish picture caption: Istanbul's Ayasofya was the world's largest church for 1000 years. A mosque for another 480 years, it is now a museum.

Page 120 - Romansch: valley of Voderrhein: should be Vorderrhein.

Page 165 - Mende: Due to a typesetting error, all š letters should be written as ɔ.   Click here for the corrected translation.

Page 174 - Maltese: First two words shouldn't have a space; next-to-last word in herbs question should be morri; last word in reclining question should be lagenba.

Page 224 - Israeli Sign Language shares many features and vocabulary with German Sign Language, as ISL's first teachers were influenced by a special school for Jewish deaf children opened in Germany in 1873 by Marcus Reich.

Page 225 - Irish, Gaelic: The letter 'h' represents aspiration. When written in traditional letters, this is shown via a raised dot above the letter. Click here for the corrected translation.

Page 281 - Dene: There should be a horizontal line over both e's in the first word, Wegonen, not just the first one.

Page 336 & 337 - Aramaics: Lishanid Noshan and Zakho have no connection to Kurdish.

Page 380 - Java Script: Due to a typesetting error, the ending double quote is missing from otherNightsVerbs[0] and [1]. The source on the DVD is correct and executes properly.

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