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The DVD contains the full set of recordings, and much more! [Both CD and DVD are included with the book.]

1 Welcome [Various]
2 Introduction to Guess the Language Quiz
3 Audio Language Quiz: Identify languages, in Z to A order [Various]
4 Answers to Language Quiz [Various]
5 Introduction to Old English Quiz: Which language is 10th C Old English?
6 Old English Quiz [Various]
7 Answers to Old English Quiz [Various]
8 Introduction to Highlights Recordings
9 Click Languages: Zulu, Xhosa (!Hosa), Sotho, Khoekhoegowab (4 clicks!) [Various]
10 Chants around the World: Judeo-Iraqi, Yemenite, Aramaic, Libyan, Bukharan [Various]
Extinct Languages (Highlights)
11 Ancient Greek: Scholar of Ancient Greek living in Rhodes; 5th C BCE [Professor Minas Kostis (m)]
12 Late Egyptian: Exodus time, language of Moses & Pharaoh; 1700-800 BCE [Geoff Graham (m)]
13 Manx: From Isle of Man; no first-language speakers since 1974 [Phil Kelly (m)]
Living Languages (Highlights)
14 Adyghe: From Caucuses in Russia; speaker is Circassian Princess [Majdalin Hilmi (f)]
15 Basque: Unique language related to no other European language [Miren Lourdes Onederra (f)]
16 British English: Chief Editor, 20-volume OED (definitive authority on English) [John Simpson (m)]
17 Bukharic: From Uzbekistan; lead singer of Bukharan group, Shashmaqam [Manahem Malakov (m)]
18 Crow: Speaker couldn't read Crow; text was memorized then spoken [Sylvester Goes Ahead (m)]
19 Ewe: Speaker from highly regarded family of musicians from Ghana [Kobla Ladzekpo (m)]
20 Georgian: Speaker from Tbilisi, capital of Soviet Georgia [Helen Borenstein (f)]
21 Hawaiian: Only 2,000 first-language speakers left [Lara Puamae`ole Mui Cowell (f)]
22 Inuktitut: Inuit Eskimo Priest in far northern Quebec [Bishop Ben Arreak (m)]
23 Kanjobal: Professor of Mayan literature, renowned Mayan novelist [Gaspar Pedro Gonzalez (m)]
24 Ladino: Vanishing language of Sephardi Jews; speaker's family from Rhodes [Murray Hasson (m)]
25 Lenape: Just 6 surviving speakers (at age 61 she is youngest native speaker) [Diane Snake (f)]
26 Maasai: Junior Maasai warrior from Kenya (national attention after 9/11/2001) [Kimeli Willson Naiyomah (m)]
27 Malayalam and Marathi: Languages of Indian Jews (Bene Israel and Cochin) [Nessy Jayakumar (f), Sarvar Patel (m)]
28 Mandarin Chinese: Most common language (over 1 billion speakers) [Dong Cui (m)]
29 Mongolian: Linguistics Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University [Banzragchiin Khurelbat (m)]
30 Nenets: From Northern Siberia, freezing temperatures 260 days each year [Anastasia Lapsui (f)]
31 Pitcairn: Language from mutineers of HMS Bounty and their Tahitian wives [Ray Young (m)]
32 Saami: From all around the 'top' of the world above Arctic circle [Mai Britt Utsi (f)]
33 Tamil: Orthodox trilingual 7-year old (Yiddish, Tamil, English) [Meena Viswanath (f)]
34 Tuvin: From Republic of Tuva; widely admired for throat-singing techniques [Chodura Khandy (f)]
35 Welsh: Well-loved for its complex speech sounds [Rhys James Jones (m)]
36 Xhosa: Most famous click language of South Africa [Sindiwe Magona (f)]
37 Yiddish: Actor Theodore Bikel chants the language of Eastern Europe [Theodore Bikel (m)]
Parodies and Constructed Languages (Highlights)
38 Donald Duck: Hebrew perhaps chanted by Disney's beloved Donald Duck [Jeff Loewenstein (m)]
39 Transliterations of Hebrew: Chinese, Japanese and Panjabi [Yuu-Heng (Alice) Cheng (f), Rie Numata & Yuriko Ishihara (f), Tarun Singh (m)]
40 Klingon: Language created for the Star Trek series [Mark Shoulson (m)]
41 Pig Latin: Kosher version by Yeshiva student [Jack London (m)]
42 Uncle Eli: Fun poetry in Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids, Most Fun ... Haggadah [Eliezer Segal (m)]
43 Valley Girl: A true Valley Girl, from San Fernando Valley [Nicki Berthelsen (f)]
44 Wrap up

Melodies on clarinet played by Cantor Joel Caplan

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