4 Questions book

The most engaging book to hit your Seder table   A unique and fun gift — the most multicultural book you'll ever see

Enliven your Seders   Creative new material; fun and games; parodies; chants from around the world

Puzzles and games   Kick up the Four Questions another notch!   Have a multi-cultural seder like none you've ever experienced.   Fun seder games that entertain and educate.   Includes CD and DVD

World tour of languages   Native Americans, Africans, nearly forgotten languages of Jewish heritage, ancient and newly-created — people of the world asking the same questions.   Want the Ma Nishtana in different languages?   We got it!   Ma Nishtana in Chinese, Ma Nishtana in Arabic?   Yes.   The Four Questions in Russian and Portuguese and much more.   A huge compendium of funny translations of the Passover Four Questions.   An incredible collection of multi-lingual Four Questions: a modern Jewish Rosetta Stone

Living languages:
Zulu, Ladino, Judeo-Iraqi, Ukrainian, Navajo, Xhosa, Chinese, Yiddish, Mongolian, Mayan, even Mandarin transliteration
Ancient languages:
Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Akkadian, Latin, Phoenician, Ancient Aramaic
Parodies and constructed languages galore:
Klingon, Hebrew Semaphore, Lawyerese, Hebrew Pig Latin, Shakespearean, Tolkien's Elvish, Na'vi, Twitter, Valley Girl, Rap, Reggae!

Readers say   "Awesome"   "A Hoot"   "Astounding"   "Spectacular HIT"   "Hysterical treat"   "Beautiful"   "Wonderful Freylach"   "The BEST VALUE ever"   "Rare to find something both scholarly and fun!"   READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS

Suggestions for your seder   Enough ideas to last 2 decades of Seders!

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